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Why Do This?

There are almost the same number of GNR models available from the large ready-to-run manufacturers than there are preserved. Compared to other pre-grouping companies like the Great Eastern or the North Eastern Railways we are also quite lucky. There are many more GNR locomotive classes that are unlikely to see the light of day. To that end, my friends and I created some models to fill a few of the gaps. I hope you enjoy them too.

…And the models?

Shapeways prints all of the models available on this site. Locomotive bodies are generally Frosted Ultra Detail resin (FUD) for detail and the chassis are White Strong and Flexible (WSF) for strength. Please note that both of these materials have strengths and weaknesses. FUD is brittle and almost certainly won’t survive a drop to the floor from even a sitting position, but has excellent detail retention. WSF doesn’t play well with a number of glues (it’s ok with Epoxy, not so good with “Super glue”), but can be abused.

Contact Me

Let me know if you are using my models and how you are getting on with them. Also, I’m always interested in improvement ideas – as long as they are physically possible given the materials.

If you enjoy the GNR, please consider joining the Great Northern Railway Society – click on the logo below for more information.

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